About Isabelle

Hello Everyone!!

I am a recently retired public educator (teaching in a pandemic was no joke). Since I was in high school and read my first book in Janet Dailey’s Calder Series, I have wanted to write contemporary romance. Up until a few years ago, my dream was to write for Harlequin Special Edition, but then I met some fellow authors on a Facebook page and in October, 2020, switched my dream to self-publishing. Though I’ve written two novellas that were part of collections with fellow authors, my debut novel in my Blackwood Brothers series dropped on September 1, 2021.

So, what happened between high school and my first book being published? Life. Work. Family. You know, the usual. Oh, I dabbled at it over the years, but didn’t really buckle down until about five years ago when I set a goal to finish all my WIP (works in progress) of which I had several. (PS: I still have some, but I did finish the series). 🙂

I have an awesome family, the best friends in the world, a wonderful support network of writers, and a rescue Pomeranian named Bella. I live in West Virginia but in less than ten minutes can be in either Virginia or Maryland. In fact, one of my favorite authors, Nora Roberts lives pretty close by, too. (Yes, I’ve met her at a couple book signings, not that she remembers me, lol).

As for my writing, my genre is contemporary romance with a little steam (no erotica), witty banter, families, and a guaranteed happily ever after (or at least, happily for now). My heroes are swoon-worthy and irresistible; my heroines are independent, strong, and sometimes (well most of the time), sassy. And I love to write books in a series. I’ve also tried my hand at blogging and plan to continue when time allows.

So, that’s me in a nutshell. Currently, my books are only available on Amazon, but I am hoping to branch out to other outlets in the near future. Between the blog and my books, I hope you’ll find something you like! Peace and Hugs!