Are You Ready For Some Snow?

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Okay, I know. Some of you have already been blessed with the white stuff in your neck of the woods. I even bet a few of you have had all that you need or want for the season, am I right? Been there on more than one occasion myself. And then, there are those of you who won’t get any snow because of your tropical climate.

On Monday, we were in a Winter Weather Advisory. I live in WV, about sixty miles from the nation’s capital where motorists were stranded for miles on I-95 in Virginia for over twelve hours. At my house, I counted about four snowflakes on our grill cover. Thirty miles to the east they had anywhere from three to twelve inches. My county had a two-hour delay for schools because in some southeastern parts there was significant amounts just not enough to close schools completely. Yet, in two of our neighboring VA counties, they were closed (they were south and east, though).

Of course, as I read on one meme today, it’s five days into the new year and we’ve already experienced all four seasons. That’s where I live. And up until this year, weather mattered more to me. Why? Former schoolteacher. I remember my aunt used to get so mad when we’d have snow days because she worked in insurance and unless it was blizzard conditions, she was expected to report. I understood her reasoning for being upset, but as I told her on more than one occasion, it wasn’t my fault.

Didn’t matter. She still gave me the stink eye.

Tomorrow night, there’s another chance for snow. The roads have already been pretreated. The weather forecasters have already changed their projected totals (less, of course). But that happens all the time since we live in an area that always seems to be on the dividing cusp between measurable and unmeasurable snow totals. Depends on which way the storm comes at us.

For tomorrow, I expect a whopping four snowflakes like Monday or six to twelve inches. Either way, it won’t matter to me as far as a snow day from school. But I know some of my former colleagues and a lot of students who’ll definitely be bummed out if this one misses us again.

Last year, our county made national news because even though we were remote at the time, as was most of the country and could have continued having class virtually, our superintendent declared we all needed a snow day and urged us to go out and play in the snow. I didn’t always agree with her decisions, but that one was a good one. For everybody.

So wherever you are and whatever your forecast in the coming days, I hope you get the kind of weather you desire be it snow or something else like sunshine and warm temps. Regardless, as my granddaddy used to say, “We’re gonna have weather, whether you like it or not.” True story just like most everything he said.

Until next time, take care of YOU!!

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