Uncharted Territory Gratitude

According to the daily statistics, a third person in a neighboring county has succumbed to the Coronavirus. Yeah, I know, in the global scheme of things, three is a pretty small number. There are probably some who consider it insignificant, that it doesn’t even warrant posting or that it doesn’t even matter at all.

Well, it does. To a lot of people. Most definitely to the victim’s family, friends, neighbors. But I imagine it also matters quite a bit to the nurse who was thanked in the obituary. The one who, because family aren’t allowed in the hospital at this time, sat with the victim as she drew her last breath.

I would wager to bet it mattered to all the other medical personnel who are on the front lines caring for those affected with this horrible virus. You know, the ones putting their lives on the line each day. The ones who are sacrificing time with their families to be with the loved ones of strangers. To care for them. To comfort them. To pray with and for them.

Basically, to do whatever they can in hopes those in their care will recover. That there will be more success stories than there are obituaries. That they will remain healthy so they can continue to minister to those in need. To fulfill their calling as a health care provider.

These are very special people. Selfless, giving, compassionate, empathetic. wonderful people who are worth much more than they are getting paid in wages. Then again, most of them likely didn’t enter into the health care field to get rich. Actually, most were probably answering their calling.

And thank God they did.

Still, it’s a shame it has taken a pandemic for many of us to appreciate their gifts. Their kindness and their care; their love and dedication for their profession. Their being there because we can’t.

I worry about those on the front lines. What they see. What they are required do. The challenges they face on a daily basis.  How tired and afraid they must be. The heartbreak they must suffer when they lose a patient, especially when the family cannot be present in the victim’s final moments.

Superheroes. That’s what they are. And I hope if we learn one thing from this pandemic it is to show more compassion to everyone, but especially for those who witnessed the devastation firsthand day after day. Those who may have also been infected, but have recovered and returned to their post. Because that’s what they do when they’re needed.

When this settles down, they’re going to need us, though. To help them when the memories of this pandemic overwhelm them. When regardless of how hard it is, they bravely continue to put one foot in front of the other to tend to the sick in their care. To  fulfill that calling and do what they do best. Let’s be there to help them as they help others. To show our gratitude for their selflessness and devotion. To give them the thanks they deserve.

And to the nurse who was at my aunt’s bedside in her final hours, may God bless you. Because no matter what number she was, she did matter. A lot. Just like you.

May God continue to bless and keep you.


One thought on “Uncharted Territory Gratitude

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Isabelle Grace, but not the tender heart that has called us all to wake up. Be grateful. And look to the heroes working silently beside us everyday. Thank you!


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